Why Does Ford Take So Long to Deliver?

When anticipating the arrival of a new vehicle, especially one as renowned as a Ford, every passing day can seem like an eternity. You might wonder, “Why does it take so long?” Let’s unpack the intricacies of Ford’s delivery process, delve into its tracking system, and understand the significance of the Ford order number.

Why Does Ford Take So Long to Deliver?

Why does Ford Take Time to Deliver?

1. The Precision Behind Ford’s Tracking System

Understanding Ford’s Tracking:

At its core, Ford’s tracking system is a robust digital tool aimed at keeping prospective buyers informed about the multiple stages of their vehicle’s manufacturing and subsequent delivery. It’s akin to tracking a package but with greater complexity given the nature of the product.

Key Benefits:

  • Transparency: It provides real-time updates, shedding light on the vehicle’s journey from the assembly line to the driveway.
  • Predictability: Armed with this knowledge, buyers can align their schedules to the estimated delivery times.

2. The Cornerstone: Ford Order Number

Defining the Ford Order Number:

Beyond the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which is a unique code for every manufactured vehicle, lies the Ford order number. This is a distinctive identifier, specifically for individual vehicle orders, serving as a linchpin for tracking purposes.

Its Relevance in the Delivery Process:

  • Unique Identification: It ensures each ordered vehicle has its distinct tracking details, even among similar models and specifications.
  • Seamless Monitoring: When combined with the VIN, it facilitates detailed tracking on Ford’s platform, offering insights into production stages, quality checks, and transportation.

3. Retrieving the Ford Order Number

Directly Through Your Dealer:

Upon finalizing your order, the dealer is your primary touchpoint for this number. While it’s standard practice to provide it, sometimes it might be overlooked.

  • Always Ask: If not provided upfront, always request your dealer for it during follow-ups.

The Window Sticker Alternative:

Can’t get it from the dealer? The vehicle’s window sticker is your backup.

  1. Access Online: Navigate to Ford’s Window Sticker Online Tool, substituting your VIN here: https://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin=[enter your VIN here]
  2. Spotting the Number: On the loaded sticker, the bottom section will display your order number, usually post a hyphen in the vehicle summary.

The Crux: Why the Long Delivery Time?

Several factors contribute to the delivery time:

  • Demand and Supply: Popular models with higher demand can have longer production queues.
  • Customizations: Personalized specifications can add layers of complexity, requiring additional time.
  • Production Logistics: Various stages like quality checks, assembly line efficiencies, and factory-specific workloads can influence timelines.
  • Transportation Dynamics: Regional factors, transport modes, and distances between the factory and delivery points play a significant role.

Furthermore, Ford prioritizes the quality and safety of each vehicle, ensuring thorough checks before it reaches the customer. While this meticulous process ensures you receive a top-notch vehicle, it can add to the wait time.


While awaiting your Ford vehicle’s delivery can be a test of patience, understanding the process and utilizing tracking tools can make the wait more bearable. The Ford order number is instrumental in this journey, offering buyers a transparent look into their vehicle’s journey.

Whether it’s sourced from the dealer or the window sticker, it’s an essential piece of the puzzle, ensuring a well-informed and exciting anticipation phase.

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