About Author Mushahid Hussain

I am Mushahid Hussain, and for the past 15 years, I’ve not just been behind the wheel of a truck, but behind some of the most iconic Ford trucks ever made. My passion for driving and my proximity to the Ford company have allowed me to immerse myself completely in the world of Ford.

My Affinity for Ford:

Living close to the Ford company’s heartbeat in the USA has given me the unique opportunity to drive a range of their vehicles. Whether it’s the commanding presence of the F-150 or the undeniable strength of the Super Duty, I’ve had the honor of navigating them on countless roads.

My Invaluable Years Inside Ford:

My curiosity and love for these trucks took me inside the Ford company, not just as a driver but as someone who wanted to know these machines inside out. These were transformative years, allowing me to grasp the mechanical nuances of our beloved Ford trucks.

Empowering Others as a Trainer:

With the knowledge I acquired, I felt a calling to guide the next generation of Ford drivers. Stepping into the role of a trainer, I started coaching aspiring drivers. From understanding the intricate handling of Ford trucks to the basics of mechanical troubleshooting, I made it my mission to pass on my expertise.

My Contribution: The Ford Order Tracker Tool:

Seeing a gap in how vehicle orders were tracked, I took the initiative to collaborate with the official Ford database to introduce the “Ford Order Tracker Tool“. Designed with users in mind, this tool provides real-time updates on Ford orders using just the VIN numbers, making the process transparent and efficient.


My journey with Ford has been nothing short of incredible. I’ve had the chance to not only further my own skills but also to give back to the Ford community in meaningful ways. Through tools like the Ford Order Tracker and the training sessions I conduct, I continue to contribute to and shape the future of Ford truck driving.