How to Setup & Install Ford Tracking Android App?

Set Up an Android App for Ford Tracking

To set up an Android app for Ford tracking, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. 1- Make sure your Ford vehicle has FordPass Connect. FordPass Connect is a built-in feature that allows you to remotely access your vehicle’s location and other data through the FordPass app.
  2. 2- Download the FordPass app from the Google Play Store. The app is free to download and use.
  3. 3- Log in to your FordPass account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one within the app.
  4. 4- Follow the prompts to add your Ford vehicle to your account. You will need to enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and other information to verify ownership.
  5. 5- Set up location tracking. Once your vehicle is added to your account, you can enable location tracking to see your vehicle’s location on a map within the app.
  6. 6- Customize settings and alerts. You can customize settings to receive alerts when your vehicle is driven, parked, or towed, and set up boundary alerts for when your vehicle enters or exits a specific area.
  7. 7- Test the app. Take your vehicle for a test drive and make sure the app is accurately tracking your location and providing alerts as expected.

Note: The steps to set up an Android app for Ford tracking may vary depending on your specific Ford model and the version of the FordPass app you are using. It is recommended to consult the app’s user guide or a Ford dealership for further assistance.

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