How Does The Ford Ordering Process Work?

Are you considering buying a Ford vehicle? If so, you may be wondering how the ordering process works. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Ford ordering process, from start to finish. We’ll discuss the steps involved, the time frame for ordering and delivery, and what you can expect from the process. With this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a Ford vehicle.

When ordering a Ford vehicle, the process begins with thorough research and vehicle selection. Start by exploring Ford’s official website and car review sites to understand different models, features, and options. Compare models based on your needs, such as size, performance, and price, and use online configurators for customization. Visiting a dealership for test drives and in-person queries can provide additional insights.

Steps in the Ford Ordering Process

Ford offers an ordering process that allows customers to customize and purchase their vehicles. The steps of the Ford ordering process include:

Research and Vehicle Selection

The Ford ordering process begins with Research and Vehicle Selection. Initially, you should explore online resources, such as Ford’s official website and car review platforms, to understand the various models and features available. Comparing different models in terms of fuel efficiency, size, performance, and price is crucial.

Additionally, using online configurators on Ford’s website can help in customizing a vehicle according to your preferences. To get a real feel of the cars, scheduling test drives and making in-person queries at local dealerships is recommended.

Customization and Ordering

In the Customization and Ordering stage, you’ll finalize choices regarding model, trim, color, and additional features. Understanding the total cost, including customization charges, is essential. You’ll need to work with a Ford dealership to place your order. This step usually involves providing a deposit to confirm the order.

Financing and Paperwork

Financing and Paperwork are the next steps. You can explore financing options through Ford Credit or other financial institutions and decide whether to lease or buy. The process involves submitting necessary documents for credit approval and reviewing and signing a sales contract, which details the purchase price, financing terms, and any warranties.

Order Tracking and Updates

During the Order Tracking and Updates phase, you will receive an order confirmation from Ford and can use Ford’s tracking system to monitor the status of your order. This allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s journey from production to shipping.

Vehicle Production

In the Vehicle Production stage, your vehicle is manufactured according to the specifications in your order. Ford conducts thorough quality checks to ensure that the vehicle meets their standards.

Delivery and Finalization

The final stage is Delivery and Finalization. It’s important to stay in contact with the dealership for updates on the delivery timing and to arrange for auto insurance prior to the vehicle’s arrival. Upon delivery, you should inspect the vehicle thoroughly and complete any remaining paperwork, including registration and final payment.

Post-delivery, understanding the warranty coverage and service schedules is important, and you should reach out to Ford or the dealership for any queries or issues.

Ford Vehicle Order Tracker - How to Track Your Order How Does The Ford Ordering Process Work?

It’s important to research your specific make and model before deciding what kind of customization options you’d like as some modifications may not be available or take longer than others to complete. You should also consider whether or not you need certain optional features such as extended warranties or service plans before making your final decision. Additionally, keep in mind any applicable taxes and fees when budgeting for your purchase so that everything is taken into account with your financing plan.

What to Expect from the Process

When ordering a Ford vehicle, customers should expect an easy and straightforward process. The first step is to select the model that fits your needs and budget. Customers can then choose their desired options, such as color, trim level, package, and more. Once the order is placed, it will be sent to a Ford dealership for review and approval.

The dealership will ensure that all information is accurate before submitting the order to Ford Motor Company (FMC). FMC will then review and approve the order before sending it to production. This process typically takes several weeks depending on the current demand of certain models or features.

Customers should also consider other factors such as pricing and availability when ordering a vehicle from Ford. Each dealer sets their own prices, so shoppers must compare prices between dealerships for the best deal. Additionally, some vehicles may be in high demand so customers may not be able to get the exact model and options they want right away or even at all in some cases.

Another important factor to consider is delivery time frames. Depending on where the customer lives and whether their chosen model is in stock or needs to be ordered from the factory, the delivery time frame could range from a few days up to several months in some cases. Customers should ask their local dealership about estimated delivery times before placing their orders so they can plan accordingly.

By understanding what to expect during the Ford ordering process, customers can make an informed decision about purchasing a new vehicle from the Ford Motor Company.

Making an Informed Decision

The Ford ordering process gives customers key information to make an informed decision when purchasing a car. It is important to understand the specifics of the process, including delivery time frames, what to expect from the process, and other details that can help make your purchase successful.

One of the first steps in the Ford ordering process is determining which model you would like to purchase. You can choose from a variety of options, such as sedans, SUVs, and trucks. You will then be prompted to select features that are available for that specific model, including color, interior type, engine size, and more. After selecting all desired features and options you will be able to view an estimated cost for your vehicle.

Once you have decided on a vehicle and its features, you will need to provide your personal information in order to complete the purchase. Your information will include contact information, address, and payment details. After submitting all of your details, you will receive a confirmation email with an order number so that you can track your vehicle’s delivery timeline.

Delivery time frames vary depending on where you are located and which model of vehicle you are buying. Generally speaking, delivery times range between 2-4 weeks after placing an order. Upon receiving your new car at the dealership or delivery location there may be additional paperwork required for registration purposes. Additionally, some dealerships may offer additional services such as financing or warranties at this stage of the process if requested by the customer during their ordering journey.

Making an informed decision means understanding all aspects of the Ford ordering process before committing to a purchase. Understanding what each step entails will help ensure that customers have a smooth experience when buying their new car from Ford Motors!


1. What does “In Order Processing” mean for Ford?

“In Order Processing” is a status update in the Ford vehicle ordering system. It indicates that your order has been received and is currently being processed. This stage involves the scheduling and planning for the production of your vehicle. It’s an initial phase in the order fulfillment process, showing that your order is moving forward but has not yet reached the manufacturing stage.

2. How long does Ford take to process an order?

The time Ford takes to process an order can vary depending on several factors, including the model, customization options, and overall demand. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This timeframe includes the processing of your order, the manufacturing of the vehicle, and the delivery to your local dealership. It’s important to stay in contact with your dealership for the most accurate and updated information regarding your specific order.

3. How do I track my Ford vehicle order?

To track your Ford vehicle order, you can use the order tracking feature available on the Ford website or through your dealership. You will need your order number and the dealership’s code to access this information. This system allows you to see the current status of your order, including phases like “In Order Processing,” “In Production,” and “Shipped.” If you have any difficulties or need more detailed updates, your dealership is a good point of contact.

4. What is the Ford order code?

The Ford order code, also known as the order number, is a unique identifier assigned to your specific vehicle order. This code is used to track the progress of your order through Ford’s production and delivery system. It is provided to you by your dealership at the time of placing your order and is crucial for checking the status of your vehicle as it moves through the various stages of the ordering process.

5. What are Ford firing orders?

Ford firing orders refer to the sequence in which the spark plugs fire in Ford engines. This sequence is crucial for the efficient running of the engine. The firing order is designed to balance the engine’s operation, reduce vibration, and optimize power and efficiency. The specific firing order can vary depending on the engine model and design. It’s typically found in the vehicle’s service manual or technical documentation provided by Ford.

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