Ford Owner Welcome Kit

Congratulations on joining the Ford family! As a new Ford owner, you are not just driving a vehicle; you are embarking on an exciting journey of innovation, performance, and reliability. To enhance your ownership experience, Ford has curated a special welcome kit designed to immerse you in the world of Ford and ensure a seamless transition into ownership.

Every buyer of a Shelby GT500 or a Mach 1 is entitled to receive a complimentary “Welcome Kit,” dispatched directly to their home. These kits are typically sent out around one month after the vehicle is officially registered as sold. Please note that vehicle registration is a prerequisite for customers to qualify for the welcome kit.

The Welcome Kit includes:

  • Poster
  • Print
  • Certificate and Holder
  • Digital content
  • Literature

As an additional perk, purchasers will also enjoy a one-day driving school experience at FPRS. This unique opportunity adds an exciting dimension to the ownership experience, allowing customers to further explore and appreciate the capabilities of their exceptional Shelby GT500 or Mach 1.

Ford Owner Welcome Kit

Inside the Ford Owner Welcome Kit:

  1. Owner’s Manual: Delve into the comprehensive owner’s manual tailored for your specific Ford model. It’s your guide to understanding the features, maintenance, and optimal use of your vehicle.
  2. Personalized Welcome Letter: A warm welcome awaits you in the form of a personalized letter, introducing you to the Ford family and expressing our gratitude for choosing us as your automotive partner.
  3. Key Fob Cover: Protect your key fob in style with an exclusive Ford key fob cover. It’s not just a practical accessory; it’s a statement of your connection to the Ford brand.
  4. Exclusive Merchandise: Unbox a selection of Ford-branded merchandise, from stylish apparel to handy accessories. Show your Ford pride with items that seamlessly blend functionality with the unmistakable Ford aesthetic.
  5. Membership Details: Discover the benefits of becoming a part of the Ford owner community. From exclusive events to member-only discounts, your welcome kit provides insights into the perks awaiting you.
  6. FordPass App Activation Guide: Seamlessly integrate your Ford into your digital lifestyle with the FordPass app. Your welcome kit includes a step-by-step guide to help you activate and make the most of this innovative mobile app.
  7. Maintenance Schedule: Stay on top of your vehicle’s health with a customized maintenance schedule. Timely reminders will ensure that your Ford continues to deliver peak performance.
  8. Roadside Assistance Information: Accidents happen, but with Ford’s roadside assistance, help is just a call away. Find all the details you need for peace of mind on the road.
Ford Owner Welcome Kit

Ford Owner Welcome Kit – Your Journey Starts Here:

Opening your Ford Owner Welcome Kit isn’t just about receiving materials; it’s about unwrapping the beginning of a thrilling adventure. Each item in the kit is thoughtfully chosen to make your ownership experience memorable and enjoyable.

As a Ford owner, you’re not just driving a vehicle; you’re becoming part of a legacy built on innovation, quality, and a commitment to delivering exceptional automotive experiences. Welcome to the Ford family – where the road ahead is as exciting as the vehicle you’re driving. Enjoy the journey!