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F150 Supercab vs. Supercrew: An In-Depth Analysis

As a Ford enthusiast or potential buyer, one often comes across terms like ‘Supercab‘ and ‘Supercrew‘ when examining the F150 lineup. Both options offer unique features and cater to different needs. Let’s dive deep into understanding these configurations.

F150 Supercab: Emphasizing Space and Flexibility

Design and Configuration:

The F150 Supercab, often also referred to as the extended cab, features a unique door configuration. The front doors are full-sized, while the rear doors are smaller and rear-hinged. These smaller doors can only be opened once the front doors are opened, which provides a wider opening without a central pillar, making it easier to load large items.

Interior Space:

The Supercab offers a spacious interior, but the back seats are slightly smaller than those in the Supercrew. While there is still ample space for adults, the rear seat legroom is more suited for shorter journeys or for children.

Usage Scenarios:

Given its configuration, the Supercab is often favored by those who need occasional rear passenger space but prioritize the larger bed size for cargo. It’s a preferred choice for work trucks or those who need more hauling capacity.

Pricing Aspect (F150 supercab vs supercrew price):

Typically, the Supercab variant is slightly cheaper than its Supercrew counterpart. However, prices can vary based on the trim level, added features, and region.

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Ford F-150 Supercab vs. Supercrew [2023] - Complete Comparision

F150 Supercrew: Maximizing Passenger Comfort

Design and Configuration:

The F150 Supercrew is designed with four full-sized doors, making it easier for passengers to get in and out of both the front and rear seats. This configuration is more in line with a traditional sedan or SUV.

Interior Space:

The Supercrew truly shines when it comes to interior spaciousness. Rear passengers are treated to generous legroom, making it suitable for longer journeys and providing a comfortable experience for adults.

Usage Scenarios:

The Supercrew is ideal for those who frequently travel with passengers. Whether it’s family outings or carpooling with colleagues, the Supercrew ensures that everyone travels in comfort.

Pricing Aspect (F150 supercab vs supercrew price):

While the Supercrew generally comes at a premium compared to the Supercab, many buyers find the added comfort and convenience worth the extra cost.

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F150 Supercab vs. Supercrew: A Detailed Comparison

Features/SpecificationsFord F-150 SuperCabFord F-150 SuperCrew
Base MSRP$34,075$37,700
Max Seating66
Rear Legroom33.5 inches43.6 inches
Available Bed Sizes6.5-foot and 8-foot5.5-foot and 6.5-foot
Available TrimsXL, XLT, LariatXL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, Tremor, Raptor

Length (supercab vs supercrew length):

While the interior configurations differ, the overall length of the F150 remains consistent across both variants. However, due to the larger cabin of the Supercrew, it often comes with a shorter bed compared to the Supercab, unless one opts for a longer wheelbase model.

Specs (F150 supercab vs supercrew specs):

Both the Supercab and Supercrew come with the same engine options and performance capabilities. The primary distinction lies in their cabin space and bed length.

Perception (f150 supercab vs supercrew reddit):

Browsing platforms like Reddit, you’ll find varied opinions. Some drivers appreciate the Supercab for its larger bed and unique rear door design, while others advocate for the Supercrew’s full-sized doors and spacious interior.

Cab Variants (super cab vs regular cab):

The regular cab is another variant, offering only front seating without rear seats, maximizing bed space. Comparatively, the Supercab offers a middle-ground solution with limited rear seating, while the Supercrew focuses on maximizing passenger space.

As one dives deeper into the world of Ford trucks, the F150 series stands out as a testament to versatility and performance. The Supercab and Supercrew configurations represent diverse needs and preferences. Let’s explore these two variants from an analytical perspective.

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Supercab vs. Supercrew Dimensions

When deliberating between the Ford F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew, it’s paramount to consider their interior space and comfort levels. Both configurations offer almost identical dimensions for the front seats. However, when it comes to rear seat comfort, the SuperCrew clearly outshines the SuperCab. This difference is most prominent in the rear legroom. To grasp the disparity in dimensions, let’s delve into a detailed comparison:

Specifications2022 Ford F-150 SuperCab2022 Ford F-150 SuperCrew
Front Headroom40.8 inches40.8 inches
Rear Headroom40.3 inches40.4 inches
Front Legroom43.9 inches43.9 inches
Rear Legroom33.5 inches43.6 inches

Exterior Dimensions

Note: Dimensions might vary based on the model year and specific trims.

The Supercab’s exterior is uniquely designed to optimize bed length while providing adequate cabin space. The rear-hinged back doors align seamlessly with the design, ensuring a streamlined look.

Prioritizing cabin space, the Supercrew features a more expansive body structure. The four full-sized doors provide a balanced aesthetic while emphasizing functionality and convenience.

Supercab vs. Supercrew Interior Dimensions

Front Head RoomX inchesA inches
Rear Head RoomY inchesB inches
Front Leg RoomC inchesD inches
Rear Leg RoomE inchesF inches

The Ford F-150 remains synonymous with blending durability with interior comfort. While both the SuperCab and SuperCrew iterations carry forward this legacy, the distinction in their design specifics caters to varied user preferences and needs.

Ford F-150 SuperCab: Compact Yet Capable

The SuperCab is unique in its design, boasting two full-size front doors complemented by two rear-hinged, smaller doors. This configuration, while accommodating up to six passengers, is particularly geared towards those not frequently transporting adults in the back seat. The rear space, though ample, is more ideal for short journeys or younger passengers. Diving into its specifics:

  • Interior Length: 168.5 inches
  • Front Headroom: 40.8 inches

Ford F-150 SuperCrew: Spaciousness Personified

The SuperCrew stands out with its four full-sized doors, signaling a more conventional yet spacious design. Tailored for those who often ferry adult passengers, its rear seat offers enhanced comfort and space when compared to the SuperCab. Let’s delve into its dimensions:

  • Interior Length: 170 inches
  • Front Headroom: 40.8 inches

Cargo Space: A Balance Between Bed Length and Interior Volume

Both models are engineered with a focus on utility. The SuperCab takes the lead in bed length, offering a generous 8 feet, making it a favorite among those prioritizing cargo over cabin space. The SuperCrew, however, with its 6.5-foot bed, compensates with a roomier interior, granting more storage behind the rear seats.

ModelInterior Length (inches)Front Headroom (inches)Maximum Cargo Bed Length (feet)

Supercab vs. Supercrew Seating Capacity

ModelFront Seat LegroomFront Seat HeadroomRear Seat LegroomRear Seat Headroom
SuperCab43.9 inches40.8 inches33.5 inches39.6 inches
SuperCrew43.9 inches40.8 inches43.6 inches40.4 inches

Both the SuperCab and SuperCrew models of the Ford F-150 have been meticulously designed to cater to specific user needs, emphasizing either passenger comfort or work-related utility.

Passenger Comfort in SuperCrew:

The SuperCrew model shines when it comes to passenger comfort. Though both models have the capacity to seat six passengers, the SuperCrew stands out with its enhanced rear-seat space. With a roomier legroom and a more generous headroom in the back, the SuperCrew becomes an evident choice for those who prioritize passenger comfort and space. This model particularly caters to those who frequently transport adults or passengers desiring a more spacious seating area.

Work Utility with SuperCab:

On the other hand, the SuperCab is tailored for those with work or utility-centric requirements. For individuals who envisage their Ford F-150 more as a workhorse than a passenger vehicle, the SuperCab emerges as the more fitting choice. The model’s design inherently offers more cargo space compared to the SuperCrew. This added space becomes crucial for individuals needing to haul tools, equipment, or other sizable items regularly. The SuperCab, in essence, integrates the strength and durability of the F-150 with the practicality of a mobile workstation.

Supercab vs. Supercrew Cargo Space

Two of Ford’s prime offerings in their F-150 lineup are the SuperCab and SuperCrew models. While both stand tall in terms of features and performance, understanding their distinctions, especially concerning cargo space and performance, can be instrumental in making an informed decision.

Cargo Capacities and Space:

Cargo Box Length6.5 feet5.5 feet
Foldable Rear SeatsYes (Partial Fold)Yes (Fully Flat Fold)
Maximum Payload3,270 pounds2,500 pounds
Towing Capacity11,000 pounds13,000 pounds

The SuperCrew model emerges as a favorite for those valuing more cabin and cargo space. Its rear seats fold down entirely flat, paving the way for a comprehensive and versatile cargo floor. Conversely, while the SuperCab does offer foldable rear seats, they don’t pave as vast a cargo space as the SuperCrew. Though the Supercrew’s cargo box is slightly shorter, the expansive cabin compensates for this, offering more room for storage.

Supercab vs. Supercrew Performance Attributes:

Performance FactorSuperCabSuperCrew
Towing Capacity12,000 pounds13,200 pounds
Payload Capacity2,080 pounds3,270 pounds
Fuel Economy (City)20 mpg20 mpg
Fuel Economy (Highway)26 mpg26 mpg

Both SuperCab and SuperCrew models showcase impressive on-road performance. The SuperCrew has a slight edge in towing capacity, making it more suitable for those routinely towing hefty loads. On the other hand, its larger payload capacity also reinforces its status as a preferred option for heavy-duty hauling in the truck bed.

Fuel efficiency remains consistent across both models, ensuring optimal mileage whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising down highways. Additionally, with its extended wheelbase, the SuperCrew ensures a more stable drive, especially appealing to those eyeing long road adventures or consistent commutes.

In essence, if a blend of spacious interiors and cargo capacity is your priority, the SuperCrew reigns supreme. Alternatively, for those looking to balance a good cargo space with substantial performance capabilities, the SuperCab serves as an ideal pick.

Supercab vs. Supercrew Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of vehicles, particularly trucks like the Ford F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew, is influenced by myriad factors ranging from the engine type to the overall weight. Let’s delve into their respective fuel efficiencies:

Key Factors Impacting Fuel Economy:

  1. Engine Type: Both the 2021 SuperCab and SuperCrew models are available with a variety of engines including 3.3-liter V6, 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, 5.0-liter V8, and 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6.
  2. Transmission & Drivetrain: The overall transmission mechanism, combined with the drivetrain, can significantly sway the mileage.
  3. Vehicle Weight: Typically, SuperCrew models tend to be heavier due to their larger cabin size, which can subtly impact its fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency Data:

Engine TypeEstimated MPG (City/Highway)Available in Models
3.3-liter V620/24SuperCab & SuperCrew
2.7-liter EcoBoost V620/26SuperCab & SuperCrew
5.0-liter V8Data not providedSuperCab & SuperCrew
3.5-liter EcoBoost V6Data not providedSuperCab & SuperCrew

From the data, it’s evident that the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine emerges as the most fuel-efficient, available for both SuperCab and SuperCrew models.

Supercab vs. Supercrew Price

ConfigurationStarting Price

For those mindful of their budget, the Ford F-150 SuperCab begins at a more affordable $34,075 MSRP. In contrast, the Ford F-150 SuperCrew starts at $37,700 and boasts availability in a broader range of upscale trims compared to the SuperCab.

While the SuperCab stands out for its value-driven price and impressive cargo space, the SuperCrew offers enhanced passenger comfort and a wider array of customization possibilities. Regardless of your choice, both models can be budget-friendly, particularly with the promotions and incentives we provide!

Typically positioned as the more economical option, the Supercab offers a blend of performance, space, and value.

While the Supercrew might come with a premium price tag, it’s an investment in unparalleled interior space, comfort, and convenience.


1. What is the difference between F150 SuperCab and SuperCrew?

The primary difference between the Ford F150 SuperCab and SuperCrew lies in their cabin configurations and size:

  • Doors:
    • SuperCab: Features two full-size front doors and two smaller, rear-hinged doors.
    • SuperCrew: Has four full-sized doors.
  • Seating Capacity: Both can accommodate up to six passengers. However, the SuperCrew offers more rear-seat legroom, making it more suitable for adult passengers on longer trips.
  • Bed Length: The SuperCab typically offers a longer bed option compared to the SuperCrew.
  • Overall Size: The SuperCrew is generally longer, offering more interior space for passengers.

2. What is the difference between a Ford SuperCab and SuperCrew cab?

The difference primarily centers around cabin size and configuration:

  • Cabin Configuration:
    • SuperCab: Comes with two full-sized front doors and two smaller rear-hinged doors.
    • SuperCrew: Equipped with four full-sized doors.
  • Interior Space: The SuperCrew has a larger cabin, making it more spacious, especially for rear passengers.
  • Bed Length Options: SuperCab usually has a longer bed available, whereas the SuperCrew, while having a shorter bed, compensates with a more spacious cabin.

3. How big is the F150 SuperCab vs. SuperCrew?

The dimensions vary slightly between the SuperCab and SuperCrew, affecting their interior space, legroom, and cargo capacity:

  • Length:
    • SuperCab: Generally shorter in overall length compared to SuperCrew, though the specific length can vary based on the bed size chosen.
    • SuperCrew: Typically longer, especially in terms of cabin length, offering more legroom for rear passengers.
  • Cabin Size:
    • SuperCab: Has a smaller rear seating area, which can be a bit tight for adults on longer journeys.
    • SuperCrew: Offers more space in the rear seating area, providing added comfort for passengers.
  • Cargo Bed Length: The SuperCab can come with longer bed lengths compared to the SuperCrew. However, the SuperCrew’s larger cabin somewhat compensates for the shorter bed.

4. What is the difference between the Ford F150 Super Cab and the regular cab?

The distinction between the Ford F150 SuperCab and the regular cab revolves around cabin size, seating capacity, and door configuration:

  • Doors and Seating:
    • Super Cab (also known as SuperCab): Features two full-size front doors and two smaller, rear-hinged doors, accommodating up to six passengers.
    • Regular Cab: Has only two full-size doors and usually seats up to three passengers, without rear seating space.
  • Cabin Size:
    • SuperCab: Offers an extended cabin with a rear seating area, albeit a smaller one compared to the SuperCrew.
    • Regular Cab: Has a single-row seating arrangement without the additional rear seating space.
  • Purpose:
    • SuperCab: Tends to be chosen by those who occasionally need extra seating but still prioritize bed space.
    • Regular Cab: Best suited for work-oriented tasks where maximum bed length is crucial and additional passenger seating is not required.

In conclusion, choosing between the F150 Supercab and Supercrew boils down to individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s the spaciousness of the Supercrew or the flexibility of the Supercab, Ford ensures that every driver finds their perfect match. Always consult with a dealership to explore specific features, trim levels, and prices to make an informed decision.

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