Ford 10 Speed Transmission Reliable

As a seasoned expert and enthusiast of Ford vehicles, I have a deep understanding of the intricacies and performance of Ford’s 10-speed transmission. This transmission has been a topic of discussion among Ford drivers, with its advanced design and functionality. In this comprehensive guide, I will delve into the reliability of the Ford 10-speed transmission, … Read more

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Problems

Ford, in collaboration with General Motors (GM), designed the 10-speed automatic transmission, officially known as the 10R80. This transmission was a significant technological advancement and was intended to provide smoother shifts, enhanced fuel efficiency, and a broader gear ratio span. Launched in 2017 in several Ford models, it notably became standard in the F-150, Mustang, … Read more

Ford Fuel Pump Wires Color Codes

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Ford F-150 10-Speed Transmission Problems

In a collaborative venture, Ford and General Motors introduced the 10R80 automatic transmission, initially featured in select 2017 Ford F-150 trucks and later becoming the standard transmission in 2021 models. However, recent class action lawsuits have spotlighted alleged “life-threatening” problems in 2017–Present Ford F-150 trucks equipped with these transmissions. Reports include whiplash, harsh and erratic … Read more

Ford F150 Fuse Box Location

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How Much is a 30-Year Ford Pension?

Ford, like many other large corporations, offers a defined benefit pension plan to its employees, which means that the pension amount is determined by a formula that takes into account your years of service and final average salary. Here’s how it typically works: So, for example, if your final average salary was $100,000, and you … Read more

How Does The Ford Ordering Process Work?

Are you considering buying a Ford vehicle? If so, you may be wondering how the ordering process works. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Ford ordering process, from start to finish. We’ll discuss the steps involved, the time frame for ordering and delivery, and what you can expect from the process. With this information, … Read more