What is Ford Order Code?

Ford, like many other automotive manufacturers, employs a myriad of codes and numbers to streamline their vehicle production, tracking, and customization processes. Among these identifiers, the Ford Order Code holds significance, especially for those keen on understanding the nuances of their vehicle’s specifications and ordering process.

Let’s delve into the concept of the Ford Order Code, its relevance, and its significance.

What is Ford Order Code

1. The Basics of Ford Order Code

  • Definition: The Ford Order Code, sometimes referred to as the “option code” or “package code,” is a specific identifier assigned to various optional packages or individual features available for Ford vehicles. This code provides quick reference points for dealerships and manufacturers to understand the exact specifications and customizations that a buyer wants.

2. Structure and Composition

  • Alphanumeric Nature: Much like other codes and numbers used in the automotive industry, the Ford Order Code is typically alphanumeric. This implies it could be a combination of both letters and numbers.
  • Specific to Options: Each optional package or feature has its unique order code. For example, a specific type of wheel might have a different order code than a sunroof.

3. Significance in the Buying Process

  • Simplifying Customization: When a potential buyer walks into a Ford dealership and requests specific features, the dealer can easily input these order codes into their system, ensuring the vehicle ordered has the exact desired specifications.
  • Accuracy: With the sheer number of customization options available, there’s room for error if only descriptions were used. Order codes minimize this risk, ensuring that both the dealer and the factory are on the same page regarding the vehicle’s specifications.

4. How It Differs from the Ford Order Number

  • Order Code vs. Order Number: It’s vital to differentiate between the two. While the order code pertains to specific vehicle features or packages, the Ford Order Number is a unique identifier for the entire vehicle order. The former is about specifications, while the latter is about tracking and identification.

5. Locating the Ford Order Code

  • Vehicle Brochures and Manuals: Often, when you’re browsing through Ford vehicle brochures, you might find these order codes listed next to specific features, helping potential buyers identify and choose their desired specifications.
  • Online Configuration Tools: When using online tools provided by Ford to configure and customize a new vehicle, as you select specific features or packages, the associated order code is often displayed or can be accessed.
  • Dealership Databases: Dealers have comprehensive databases that list all available features and their corresponding order codes for each vehicle model.

6. Importance in After-Sales Services

  • Service and Repairs: When taking your vehicle for servicing, the technicians might use the order code to identify specific features of your vehicle, ensuring appropriate care and compatibility, especially when replacements are required.
  • Resale and Valuation: When selling a Ford vehicle, having knowledge of specific order codes can help provide potential buyers with precise information about the vehicle’s features.

In summary, the Ford Order Code is an integral aspect of the vehicle customization and ordering process. It ensures precision, clarity, and ease of reference for both the buyer and the seller. When making a purchase or discussing vehicle specifics, understanding and using these order codes can significantly enhance the overall experience, ensuring you get the exact vehicle you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ford Orders

Can I track my Ford order by number?

Yes, you can track your Ford order using the order number. Once you have placed an order for a Ford vehicle, the dealer will provide you with a unique Ford Order Number. With this number, you can monitor the progress of your vehicle as it moves through the production process.

Typically, you can track your order via Ford’s official website or by getting in touch with the dealer directly. It’s worth noting that tracking functionalities might vary based on your region or the dealership’s services.

What is the priority code 2 on a Ford order?

In the context of Ford vehicle orders, priority codes represent the urgency or scheduling preference of the order. The priority code ‘2’ often signifies a high priority. This means the factory will prioritize this order over others, ensuring faster production and delivery.

However, it’s important to understand that while priority codes indicate preference, they don’t guarantee an exact production or delivery date. Factors like vehicle customizations, factory schedules, and logistical constraints can influence the actual timelines.

How do I track my Ford factory order?

To track your Ford factory order:

  1. Ford Website: Visit the official Ford website. Some regions offer a “Track My Order” functionality where you can input your order number to get updates.
  2. Dealer Portal: Most dealers have a portal where customers can log in to check the status of their vehicle order.
  3. Contacting the Dealer: The most direct way is to contact your dealership. They can provide updates on production status, shipment, and estimated delivery dates.
  4. Ford Customer Service: You can also reach out to Ford’s customer service. Ensure you have your order number on hand to facilitate the tracking process.

Remember, the availability of these tracking methods can vary based on the country and the specific dealership.

What is Ford Priority Code 11?

Ford’s Priority Code ’11’ is typically an internal code used by dealerships and the factory to manage and schedule vehicle production. While the specifics of each code can sometimes be proprietary or vary across regions, Priority Code ’11’ often indicates a standard or regular order, without any special urgency attached to it. It’s essentially a middle-ground code suggesting that the order will be produced in the regular course of production without any specific rush or delay.

However, for a definitive understanding of any priority code, it’s best to consult directly with your dealer or Ford’s customer service.

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