How Do You Get Your Ford Order Number?

The Ford Order Number is another significant number in the purchase process of a Ford vehicle, though it’s used for different reasons than the VIN. While the VIN gives detailed information about the vehicle’s origin, build, and other specifications, the Ford Order Number relates directly to your purchase and the specifics of your order.

How Do You Get Your Ford Order Number?

Here’s a detailed look into understanding and acquiring your Ford Order Number.

1. Understanding the Ford Order Number

  • What Is a Ford Order Number?: This is a unique identifier assigned to your specific vehicle order. It is used by Ford and the dealership to track the status and details of your vehicle from the time of order to delivery.
  • Composition: The Ford Order Number typically consists of alphanumeric characters. The format and length might differ based on the region and dealership network.

2. The Ordering Process

  • Initial Order Placement: Once you finalize your choice of vehicle, including model, trim, color, and any additional features or packages, the dealer will place the order with Ford.
  • Generation of the Order Number: Shortly after your order is registered in Ford’s system, an order number is generated. This helps Ford and dealerships track the vehicle through the production, shipping, and delivery processes.

3. Methods to Obtain Your Ford Order Number

  • Directly from the Dealer: Upon order confirmation, your dealer should provide you with a copy of the order sheet or purchase agreement. This document will generally have your Ford Order Number.
  • Ford’s Customer Service: If, for any reason, you can’t contact your dealer or they’re unable to provide the information, reaching out to Ford’s customer service directly might help. They can retrieve your order details with some basic information from you.
  • Online Tracking: Ford, like many major automakers, often provides online portals for customers to track the status of their new vehicle order. After entering some basic personal details and perhaps a preliminary order code provided by your dealer, you can view your official order number and track your vehicle’s status.

4. The Role of the Order Number

  • Tracking Production Status: You can use the order number to check on your vehicle’s production status – whether it’s in queue, in production, or completed.
  • Shipping and Delivery Updates: The order number will be associated with shipping and delivery updates, allowing both you and the dealership to know the vehicle’s location and expected delivery date.
  • Dealing with Order Changes or Delays: If there are any changes to your order, or if unforeseen circumstances lead to production or delivery delays, the order number will be crucial in getting timely updates.

5. Safety and Precautions

  • Not a Confidential Number: Unlike personal identifiers, the Ford Order Number isn’t something you need to keep secret. However, always be cautious about sharing personal details or other purchase specifics.
  • Ensure Accurate Recording: Always double-check and ensure you’ve written down or stored your order number correctly. Errors can lead to confusion and delays.

In summary, while the VIN provides a snapshot of your vehicle’s identity and specifications, the Ford Order Number is your key to the buying process – tracking the creation and delivery of your vehicle. Both numbers are integral to the smooth purchase and ownership of your Ford vehicle. Ensure you have both on hand and stored safely, as they can be beneficial for various reasons throughout your vehicle’s life.

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